Measure Twice & Make Diagrams

With ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets you can choose to have a Vegas Kitchen Cabinet’s installer do the work for you, or you can do-it-yourself (DYI). We will provide you with a DIY video that will assist you in installing your kitchen cabinets. In addition, we will also help guide you through the measuring and design process. We want our customers happy with their new kitchen, and we recognize that different clients will have different wants and needs. Therefore, when you buy discount kitchen cabinets from Vegas Kitchen Cabinets you will have choices.Your brand new kitchen should be something you are proud of and we’re here to help.

Mind Your Electrical Outlets & Bulkheads

If you choose to install your RTA cabinets yourself, be aware that there may be situations that require a professional contractor. Our installers are experienced and professional. If you’re kitchen remodeling work is mostly surface, then our video will offer you some valuable pointers. For example, a 10 x10 kitchen is not always a simple matter of measuring ten feet by ten feet, rather measuring and prepping must take note of bulkheads, beams and other protruding or inverted places along the walls. Accounting for your electrical outlets can determine how your kitchen layout will work. Electrical outlets in your kitchen can usually be moved if necessary, but in that case we recommend a professional.